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Optimum Nutrition
RYNAN Smart Fertilizers provide optimal nutrients according to plants needs during their growth cycle.
Healthier Plants
Healthy plants are more resistant against diseases and pest, reducing reliance on harmful pesticides.
Reduce Labour and Time
Single application at the start of the season minimizes labour costs and time.
Cost Effective
Increase plant growth, quality and yield with less fertilizers usage.
Our Products
TOMATOES: NPK 18-08-22
RYNAN NPK 18-08-22 is a controlled-release smart fertilizer formulated for the entire lifecycle of tomato cultivation.
RYNAN NPK 18-08-08 is a controlled-release smart fertilizer formulated for green leafy vegetable cultivation.
RYNAN NPK 19-19-09 is a controlled-release smart fertilizer formulated for capsicums after 2-3 weeks post-germination lasting till maturity.
Urban Farming
Urban farming is the cultivation and distribution of food in urban areas and suburbs. Urban farming is often found in public parks and on rooftops in today’s major cities and can include animals such as chickens and bees. RYNAN fertilizers are made to fit the needs of soil-based urban-grown food-crops and plants.
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We pride ourselves in forming long lasting and trustworthy relationships with our business partners. By providing quality products and services, we are able to develop innovative solutions to meet the increasing demands of the agriculture industry.

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– Urban farming
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– Ornamental and boutique nurseries
– Nurseries
– Community projects
– Distributors

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