We are devoted to help our customers transform their agriculture with smarter solutions for a sustainable greener future.

Brian Nguyen — CEO, RYNAN Technologies Singapore

What we do
RYNAN produces a wide array of smart technological products and solutions for various industries and sectors. One of which, is the agriculture sector where there was a need for sustainable solutions to meet the global demand for food.
Our mission
RYNAN started in 2015 and began working closely with Vietnamese farmers that were struggling with poor agriculture practices. Thereafter, we have developed smart fertilizers that are sustainable for the environment, increasing good quality crops and yield for the farmers, and reducing their reliance on fertilizers and pesticides.
Dr. My Thanh Nguyen
Chairman of RYNAN Technologies (Vietnam)
For the past three decades, Dr. My T. Nguyen has started multiple successful international businesses, including those involved in CTP (computer-to-plate) technology, OLED materials, 3D Printing, and IOT devices. In the process, he has received several hundred patents to his name. In Vietnam, his passion has been to improve the livelihoods of farmers in his native country through the use of technology. Noticing the inefficiencies and waste from conventional fertilizers, Dr. Nguyen developed a new coating technology that is the foundation of RYNAN’s Smart Controlled Release Fertilizers.
Brian Nguyen
CEO of RYNAN Technologies (Singapore)
Lam Thuy Huyen
Business Development Director (Vietnam)
Huyen is the Business Development Director at RYNAN where she leads the Research and Development of agricultural products and identifies key partnerships globally. With 7 years of experience in product development and 6 years in business development, she understands the importance of bringing value to RYNAN partners and customers.
Doan Minh Khoi
Operations Manager (Vietnam)
Minh Khoi is the Operations Manager at RYNAN, where he designed the manufacturing plant and oversees the day-to-day operations of the RYNAN factory. Minh brings his decade long experience in mechanical engineering and project management in different industries to RYNAN to ensure that the products that come out of RYNAN are consistently of the highest quality.