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We saw a problem with traditional agriculture practices, the impacts it had on the environment and we sought to make a change. RYNAN Smart fertilizers is revolutionizing the way we grow our food, increasing growth efficacies and optimizing current agriculture practices. We are taking agriculture further into the future by supporting global businesses and home-growers.
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Tackling the Global Nitrogen Crisis

Inefficient use of conventional fertilizers in agriculture elevates nitrogen levels contributes to the global nitrogen crisis and leads to detrimental environmental impacts. Our goal is to change this by creating sustainable fertilizers while tackling the global nitrogen crisis crop by crop.

Global Nitrogen Pollution
70% of conventional fertilizers are wasted, leeching into groundwater and waterways causing unnatural algae blooms.
Unsustainable Fertilizer Practices
Unsustainable conventional fertilizers require multiple applications that cause soil degradation in the long-run.
Disease & Pest Prone Crops
Plants that do not absorb the right amount of nutrients have weaker growth and immune systems against fungal and bacterial infections. Farmers rely heavily on harmful pesticides that cause health issues and destroy the environment.
RYNAN Smart Fertilizers
Easy to Use
One-time application
Not harmful to the environment
Timed according to plant’s needs
Smart Formulation for All Types of Plants and Crops with RYNAN Polymer Coated Fertilizers
Learn more about the nutrient release cycle.
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